House planning, estimates, permits

The extended winter gave us plenty if time to confer with my Father-in-law, the lumber yards, the truss companies, the townships and etc.

The initial plan for the floor joists was to use engineered joists to span the 32 x 60 area where the bedrooms are. These sound great on the surface, but I try to avoid any construction that uses particle board or non-solid wood, steel or concrete. They are also considerably expensive. So we wanted to switch to wood. This left us with a LVL laminated beam, and jack posts every 8 feet. That combined with footings was quite expensive as well. My father-in-law recommended using a steel beam. With a W10x26 beam, 48′ long, we could get away with 3 footings every 16′, and use if 2×12 18′ long hem-fir joists. This should make for a very sturdy floor!

We also got our address permit, and land division completed, as well as filed the warranty deeds with the township.

And another problem cropped up. Apparently the reason the lumber yards were less than responsive was that they had no idea how to build the roof trusses. My house design was quite abnormal with 2 wings at 135 degree angles, and my architect really didn’t put much effort into its design. So, Dale from Big-L lumber set a meeting with Jeff at Truss Technologies. Jeff had a pretty awesome 3d program that helped to lay out the truss design, and I was quite impressed. They will be providing the trusses and instructions on their assembly, which is good since I’m not a professional builder! Another problem solved.

I also began the search for the correct power components to run our house power the 800′ from the main road. This is to avoid the charges from Consumers Energy (more than $15,000) to run the high voltage to a pad transformer by the house. We will be utilizing my fathers design of taking the service entrance power (120 / 240 volts, 200 amp), transforming that up to 7200v, running that 800 feet to another transformer, then back down to 120 / 240.


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