Not easy to find transformers and 2awg primary cable with concentric neutrals. I ended up finding on the web, Solomon corporation, that offers new, and rebuilt transformers. They came in at the best price, including delivery by their own truck. I purchased the (2) 25kva transformers from them, complete with voltage adjust taps, and copper windings for a bit over $2k. They will arrive in 3-4 weeks. They don’t sell wire however. I asked Home Depot for a price, but they couldn’t get the Southwire cable I needed. I went to Greybar, but they didn’t seem happy that I wasn’t a electrician, and seemed like I was bothering them. They did come through with a good price a bit later though, however I had already ordered the cable and stress cones from Power Line Supply in Reed City, a division of Reed City Power, who were very helpful, and quoted me Okuguard 15kv primary wire with concentric neutrals, with shielding. They were also able to sell me a cut spool of only 850 feet. It will be ready in a couple weeks also.

I also found the 1.5 inch poly-pipe that I will be placing the high voltage wire in, as well as my communications lines, at Menards, on sale for $199, and bought (5) 400′ spools.

So that’s all set!


About mglaske

Systems Engineer for Limelight Networks
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