Built the reel caddy, ready to wire

The primary wire comes on a 32 inch diameter wood spool and weighs 516 lbs, so I needed something to set it on while I pulled the wire off. Built this out of 2×4 lumber. It worked very well. Will have to keep this one around.

Unreeled the poly pipe down the hill, was awkward, but went quick. Moved it into position (hind-sight is always 20-20, I should have started this where it was actually going to have been installed), used cable wax, and started pushing the cable in. It went fairly well up to about 350′.

Had to dig down around the west sides of the bridge to find the 2″ PVC that my dad buried under the 10″ cement slab for future use. Finally found it, full of dirt after sitting buried for 20 years. We flushed it out with water and fish-tape. Good to go. I redirected the 1.5″ poly pipe through the PVC tube, and to the gate post where the other transformer will be housed. Capped off the other PVC pipe with PVC caps for future use.

Was only able to push the cable in about 500′ before friction took hold of it. Will have to feed the second half of the cable from the bottom if the hill.


About mglaske

Systems Engineer for Limelight Networks
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