Survey done

Got the survey done by my Wife’s uncle, Dan Hula of Hula Engineering. He downloaded topographical maps and it looks nice. We need this to give to the Township so they can split the property. We issued them a “Land Division” form, along with the legal property description from Hula Engineering. These would be filed with (2) warranty deeds from our attorney that provide the legal rights to each parcel. Our side is a little over 11 acres, with an 100′ easement for the existing driveway.

We wound up having a bit of trouble with the Kent County Road Comission, which stated that they wanted the driveway to be 22′ wide for 33′ from the center of the main road. I was concerned with the (2) existing concrete gate-posts at the driveway entrance, as they were 21′ feet apart, however, it turns out they are over 33′ from the center of the road, so we’re all good.

We were able to get the Address Permit from Kent County for our official address, so that’s all set!


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