Hello!  Through most of my ramblings, either at work or personally, it has been suggested to me to start tracking all of this useful information.  And, my memory not being what it used to be, I thought that might not be a bad idea, even for myself!  Therefore, I welcome everyone to my new blog / WordPress page, and hope that the information on here is useful in some way, if not maybe slightly humorous.

Introduction to what’s going on currently:

1. New House.  We are building a new house this year.  The house will be located near 14 mile road and Northland drive in Rockford, and will be on the western half of my family’s 38.8 acre lot, that we will share with my father.

2. New Garden. We will be putting in a garden.  This is primarily my wife’s hobby, but will be located on the same land.  The garden will be around 240 feet by 50 feet on that property.  The garden will include many technologies and techniques to keep the food as pure as we can.  These include fresh water delivery systems, bees, raised beds, composting, etc.

3. New Technology for house.  In an order to maintain my foothold of technology on my family, I will be investigating ways to control the new house and provide media services to my family.  Delivery of Video content, controlling temperature, Geo Thermal, Radiant Floor Heating, Security Systems, house monitoring for electricity, temperature, etc, video security, etc.

And more to come!  Thanks for visiting!


About mglaske

Systems Engineer for Limelight Networks
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