Bees are here

We picked up our Bees from Apple Blossom Honey Farm yesterday (4/12/2011, Tuesday). They are in Indiana, and is about a 300 mile drive from our present house near downtown Grand Rapids. We arrived sometime around 2pm, while everyone was picking up their Bees. The place was very awesome, and the owners are a husband and wife. We picked up the Bees, that come in a small wooden box about 12″ by 8″ by 4″, with screen on either side. Apparently there are supposed to be around 10,000 Italian Bees in the box. The owners promptly gave us instructions on how to transfer the Bees from their transport box to the Hives.

We purchased the Hive Kit ( when we were down there.

The instructions are as follows:

1. Don’t panic 🙂

2. Get your Bee Suit on (which is part of the kit, helmet, gloves, and heavy long-sleeve clothing tucked in with no openings).

3. Setup the Hive, one ‘Hive Body’ on it. At this point, the hive will consist of (4) bricks to set Hive on, (1) Bottom Board w/Entrance Reducer and feeder, (1) hive body, (1) Inner cover, and (1) telescoping cover.

4. Get everything else setup, rubberbands to tie two of the Frames together to ‘hold’ the queen cage.



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